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 Sun Dec 12 2010  09:41am
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Updated on:  7/31/2017     
Henry Fred
My dearest,how are you?i hope you are fine.

Honey i am very sorry for not sending you mail,it was just that i have been busy running around to see how i can solve my problem,so that is why i have not send you mail and my laptop had a fault and i don`t have money to repair it since then that i why,even now that i am sending you mail,i went to a public cafe to send this mail.

My angel,i am really thinking about you and i wish you are with me always,you are really in my taught all the time and i am very sorry for not sending you mail.sweetheart i am sorry okay and i promise to be sending you mail always as soon as i fix my laptop.

Honey,if you can still help me out,i will appreciate it,because for now i am really confuse and i don`t know what to do or where i can get help from.

My angel you can send the money with this information,this is the manager`s name NNADI EMEMRUEM. country is Nigeria.

Take care of your self my lovely angel and have a pleasant Easter.

Love from Fred.
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
northsea       6/9/2012
hes now on
mulheresvlj       6/1/2012 .
são cetenas d eperfil golpe em uma brasileira de 17.oooo.oo
David Powell​68236464/David-Benjamin
e-mail não foi enviado do Reino Unido, que foi enviado da Nigéria, como foi provado pelo endereço IP: - Port Harcourt, na Nigéria. O scammer não funciona para AGN Internacional, o que é inventado informações tentando convencer au pairs que ele está vivendo em Londres.​people/Tony-Brentt/​100003253925086
http://​​/t1767-david-r​global/viewGlobal.asp?gid=4​faq/male_scammers/​f8718.shtml?p=0 NETE SITE TEM SER CADASTRADO PARA VER MAIIS ELE ESTA NELE​people/Edgar-Gresham/​100003008190208
http://​www.hidden/album/​displayimage.php?album=6&po​s=35​profile.asp?uid=DB63CB82-8C​1D-4F35-8FE3-C11D0A9B3778 ELE ESTA DE AMIGO DESTE PERFIL​profile.asp?uid=86C527FC-BB​07-4480-8ACF-D1ABC75787C2
delimi       2/23/2012
lot of his previously used mail addresses and also lot of new photos he uses can be found on
Anonymous    1/30/2012
the guy from the picture knows that these scammers are using his pictures
Anonymous    1/1/2012
also known as Sam R on tagged
Anonymous    12/2/2011
he is also in facebook. check this out -​iwuanyanwu.moon
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