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 Sat Dec 11 2010  09:28am
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Roney Lass - Rooney Lass - Jide Mark
Its nice reading from you and i love everything about you,i would like to go on a serious relationships with you that will someday lead to marriage and i would also like it if you can mail me some pictures of you and i will take some time and tell me more about me and also send you some picture of me,and am roney lass originally from kansas and wit 2 kids....roney care and i would like to read from you real soon.......xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello,Am Rooney lax by name i come across your profile so interested in your profile so am free now so that we can get chat and get to know each other better and no what next in the journey of
Alot Kisses
I am a confident, intelligent, caring & supportive person. I am fun to be with, honest, down to earth easy going, tolerant & slow to anger...i am Rooney lax with 2 kid and originally from ME in united state and i lost my wife 4 years ago and. i have 2 grown kid of 29 year and 19 of age.I`m fun, out going, seductive,passionate,interesting,confident,intense,romantic, take good care of my self, dress sexy but classy. ,I play softball I love to do anything and everything, sports, travel, movies...,Funny, outgoing, and smart are the adjectives I`m usually complimented with. I`m a people person and my favorite part of the human anatomy is a smile. I love giving them out and getting them is really good and nice to have you for my friend and at least one step at a time bring to no you dislike in a man...and what are you really looking for in a man...
best regard
Rooney lass
David mark
address hidden,united is the information you will send the money to and please make you send me every information you will be using to send the money including the
the sender full name:
state :
the question and answer for the westernunion
You can forward Τ̣̣ђё full wetern union to these to read from U̶̲̥̅̊‎​ soon.
First I want to thank you for reading about me. I hope it leaves you with a good impression of me to want to know more about who I am and what I am about. So who am I. I am a man with a kind and understanding heart. That doesn’t take anything for granted. I am a man that appreciate life and try’s to live it with honor, honesty and dignity. I am a man looking for true unconditional love. Looking for that special lady that can make my heart pound just by the way she looks at me or by her touch. That makes me smile just thinking of her..I don`t brag...`I am a lovable person with a great & unique personalities.I have an altruistic & crusading spirit to make a better place for everyone.Am generous,sympathetic,& always prepared to give help when it is required.I hate being restricted from freedom & i Luvs to stick with my principles which i must say is helping me till date.Am a friendly & nice person that loves being in the mist of people but might be bitches if pushed to the wall``
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