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 Wed Jan 25 2012  08:32am
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Updated on:  6/17/2015     
Barry Wales - Pepe Limo - Ikechukwu Isaac - Cash Wise
Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: bad boy u don get money forget ur padi

Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: ik how far wetin dey which site dey pay now

Pepe Limo: All site dey pay nah to catch the right Maga Man...LOL


Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: you`re bad, you got money don`t forget to pay me (padi is like a referral)

Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: what site is best for scamming

Pepe Limo: all sites are good just find victims with money...LOL (Maga or Mugu means daddy riches [male] or suga momma [female] victims
Other scammer in the conversation above
Get Back Hey darling, i just have time too check email and i still need the money and i promise to pay back in 2 week or less honey. i will ask the information of the doctor and send it too you,how much can you send me now as you have speak with the bank? Always love Barry
First Name -- Anthony
Last Name -- Samuel
Address-- 105 Trinity Rd,Command,Lagos 23401 Nigeria
Question: favorite color
Answer: Blue

011 234 706 829 9723
Give to Cezar what`s Cezar and to God what`s God
Hello sweetie, i don`t get you right and once again here is the doctor information where τo send the money too:
First Name --Anthony
Last Name -- Samuel
Address-- 105 Trinity Rd,Command,Lagos 23401 Nigeria
However,send me the full details after you send it too this email: Or lawyer`s email: ,But why you can`t send too my email since i got the your reply in email?anyway looking forward to hear from you,love always Barry
Hello sweetie, I`ve being waiting too hear from you but yet nothing.moreover,why can`t you scan the western union receipt and attach it too my email.i wait too read from you soonest!
hey sweetie,i have been waiting for the information and why cant you scan the receipt and attach it email,love you barry
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
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Anonymous    6/28/2012
i believe that someone else has taken over this email. i recently got another im from someone pretending to be Barry Wales but the language style was so different from what he used before. i told him to leave me a lone as far as i was concerned Barry was dead
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