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 Sat Sep 17 2011  03:59pm
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Brain Stephen - Mark Make - Helmah Brayan Stephen
hello how are u doing .. nice to meet u am brain stephen ..i will like to know about u
i used to ride my harley until a knee injury so now i have traded in thge bike for a tractor. i love nto garden and i am also in the process of remodeling my home. i enjoy sitting out in the porch of my new barn, looking out into the mountain side, having a cocktail or cold beer and listening to the wildlife flying around and just enjoying the peacefulness. i used to live along the ocean and i do miss it. i am a confident man who wants to laugh and enjoy life. i am very easy going, kind, very giving, simple country man. i have had to learn to take care
i need a woman that will spend all her life with me
Hello how are you doing?, Thanks for your wonderful message, Am 43yrs old, stand about 5'8ft tall, 191Lbs, versatile/bottom, single, love going to beach, movies, museum, taking a long walk with my partner when i had one, I love pet so much, like dogs, cat, birds. i work as a construction engineer, this job of mine take me round the world that i don't really have much time on myself, but when the right guy comes i will limit most of my job. Am looking for a lady for a long term relationship (LTR), am seeking a sincere, honest and trust worthy woman to take that place in my heart, though distance lie between us but we can not let it pull us back, if this happen to be true then we'll have nothing to regret, non worry about, because if we put our heads together, then nothing will be impossible. right now am currently working somewhere around Nigeria, i have about couples of month to work here, i wanna make this easier by having that wonder around my heart, wanna see what kind of person she is made of, wanna see if he can keep promises, if he can hold herself if am not around. guess this say pretty much about me?. i will love to go now. just take care of yourself. kisses
HELLO sweetie this is the doctor infomation

POSTCODE.. 23401
hello baby how are u doing doing this is the addres you will send the mony to
hello baby how are you doing i have been so busy all day i hope u are ok .. how much did you send to my son and what is the info you can still send it here to me am still waitting on you now ,,, love you so much.....u can send it by my other email that is my privet email i dont give it out but am giving it out just for you alone and that is becos of the love i have for you kisss you so much baby
helllo baby have you send the money
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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