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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sat Sep 29 2018  07:19pm
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The person you are communicating with using the email address may be using a different picture with you than what we have. Scammers sometimes use different pictures on each site, change pictures often or claim to have had their identity stolen. It does not matter what picture(s) this scammer uses, the person using this email address is a verified scammer.
Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Iamb Beautyd
Hi gentleman from Russia country! I suppose you meet moments in thine being when ye have alone. Just now I keep the same. My colleague said me that I have to get dating and it stop I fixed to try it. Now speek ye regarding myself I am 27 old. I am 168 centimeters tall. My weight fifty three kilograms. I dream get perfect love and man of my life. I have no bad habits and do sports. I not shall talk right now the name cause so shy. If ye answer me next I shall talk name. If thou do not wish to get dating further just tell me nix. So this is my life. Waiting for ye words, when you are interested in in me.

Greetings my awesome friend! from Russian Federation! I suppose thou meet moments in thy existence when ye get lonely. At the moment I have myself lonely. My friend talked me that I must get acquainted and this disappear I made up one`s mind to act. I`ll tell ye regarding myself I am Twenty-seven years old. My height 5`5`` tall. My weight 53 kg. I dream of take original love and prince of for life. I not have addiction and do sports. I will tell just now the name since little shy. If ye reply me then I shall talk the name. If thou do not want to reply in that case simply write to me zero. So this is my life. Wait for ye words, if if you`re interested conservation.
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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