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Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the Advocacy work Colonel Bryan Denny and Mrs. Kathy Waters are doing about the problem
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About Us and Our Mission
Pig Busters was officially started on July 4th, 2008. A day we like to call Independence Day From Scammers. Our Mission is to increase scammer awareness and warn as many people as we can. Since our beginning, we have accumulated 10's of 1000's of scammers and the list is growing every day.
Pics are not the real scammers

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Unless noted, pictures shown are not the actual scammers. They are innocent people that most likely don't know they are being used by scammers. If you find your pictures listed & would like them removed, please Contact us & we will be glad to remove them & also let you know where we found them being used by scammers.
Scamming is a BIG Business
Scammers net millions if not billions of dollars each year world wide. IC3 reports that in 2009, Americans lost almost 560 million dollars to scams. Scammers take advantage of honest, hard working people looking for people that are lonely or recently had a tragedy in their life and play with their emotions.
How could I be so stupid
After getting scammed, many people ask the question "how could I be so stupid". The answer is, you're not. Scammers learn how to play on people's emotions and especially their concern for others. They will take as long as they think they need to gain your trust then the so-called problems they encounter will suddenly begin.
There are countless suicides because someone believed they were loved only to get very emotionally hurt and/or lose their life savings
Do these scammers look like they care?
Do not end up in jail
Every day, innocent people end up in jail and have criminal records for life because they did something illegal when they actually thought they were helping someone. Cashing bogus checks or money orders then sending that money overseas is a crime whether you are aware you are committing a crime or not.
Warn your friends
Scammer awareness is the only defense we have against these criminals. If you are on a social network or dating site and one of your friends is on the friends list of someone you know that has been verified as a scammer, please tell them or let us know and we will tell them for you.
A thank you from the terrorists    Read More
Dramatization - We give big thanks to the web sites that allow us to flood their site with our fake profiles (you know who you are). Your disregard for member safety & your hunger for member numbers to boast about enables us to reach the 1000's of innocent peoples we scam so we have more money to terrorize the world
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- Custom Creations, with you in mind

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The One I Am Looking For: is this a common statement for a scammer?

I am looking for a woman who is honest, loving and understanding. I don`t want someone to live with, but I want someone I can`t live without. It would be nice to find a true lady with a touch of sweet girl, who is healthy, handy and outdoorsy, but who values silence and her inner life. She has great friends, has a strong sense of aesthetics, and the means to indulge in her fine tastes. She probably likes to go to the movies, travel, go shopping, loves to have fun and sees her computer as a tool, not a form of entertainment. She’s a fantastic parent and grandparent and knows that family enhances not detracts from a great relationship. Travel is one of the top on my list and should be on yours too. I love to research new places that should be visited...I keep revising my travel attire to make carry-on the only way to go. I`m happy to have left my youth behind with juicy enough memories that I`m looking forward to retelling it in my old age, well maybe not, now that I think about it.

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Anonymous    8/30/2018
I was scammed, I found my scammer by googling receiver of money money. From Nigeria of course. I also found another site where the scammer has a nice house obviously from people he scammed money from

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i just deleted a scammer...i usually have lots of fun with them, until the pose the money question...then i pounce! i tell them very politely, to take a hike. then i report, delete & block them.

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James D. Young. I did a lot of googling and there is a man who was in the Army who has a ton of pictures being used by all kinds of scammers. They usually use the last name Young because he has a picture in uniform and that`s apparently the real last name of the guy in the pictures.

The guy talking to me isn`t very bright because he still had all his Nigerian friends showing, his location was set to Nigeria and his school was in Nigeria. After I asked why it all said Nigeria if he was in CA, he hid his friends and changed everything else except I guess he didn`t realize that clicking on his company showed it was in Nigeria, too.

The man whose pictures he is using is aware and mocks the people using them on his IG. His pictures are literally everywhere, I even saw them on a Russian dating site. The last name is always Young to match the picture in uniform. He`s bald with very pretty blue eyes and is always aged 40-45.

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Anonymous    8/21/2018
James Cameron is a major in the United Nations Navy stationed in aphganistan at first....took his time getting to know me. He took everything from me! EVERYTHING! I beat myself up everyday for being a fool! I can`t lie...I thought about taking my life over what he did to me! I`m not young anymore! So starting over isn`t an option for me. I`m lost!
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We have a ZERO tolerance for showing a lack of respect for other Members, especially referring to scam victims as stupid, ignorant, idiot, etc. This is cause for immediate deletion of your account with no warning or notification. Please be respectful towards others
Regardless of what you may see on web cam, Skype, etc. the people in the pictures are NOT the scammers so please be respectful and avoid personal attacks, name-calling, vulgarity, or offensive comments including the scammer and especially the pictures as they are innocent people and in most cases, do not know their pictures are used by scammers
Do not post addresses, phone numbers, company names or anything that is considered personally identifiable information. A scammer may have a US phone number today but an innocent person could be assigned that number in the future. Post phone numbers like this 555-555-xxxx hiding the last four numbers
Do not post comments of a sexual nature or content of any kind
Due to spamming, comments with links to web sites will not be posted
Do not post the same comment on every scammer profile using the same pic(s). Post it only on one scammer profile
If you violate these rules your comment will be deleted and if you continue to violate the rules your account will be deleted with no warning or notification
Never trust a phone number
If someone gives you a phone number starting with 4470, it is a link number that connects you with anywhere in the world, but not to a real UK number. Link services are also available with U.S. area codes so never rely on a phone number for a true location.
The Scam Police
There is no such thing as Scam Police or ScamPolice. Cashing fake checks/money orders or receiving products then reshipping overseas can be a criminal offense. The REAL police can't do anything to scammers, so that just leaves you to take the blame.
From mass emails to web sites
About 30 years ago, the only way scammers could operate was through mass emails. In the mid 80's, they were called "Yahoo Boys" as opposed to "scammers". Today, scammers have a much better way to reach more people on a more personal level through social networking and dating web sites.
A Special Thank You
All of us here at Pig Busters would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to those of you who support this web site and its mission to increase scammer awareness by your positive comments, sharing your experiences and reporting scammers to us so the information can be posted to warn others.
Mean, cold and heartless
Like the terrorists above, scammers are not the "nice guys" they make themselves appear to be. When they don't get what they want from you, they can be very mean and many times threatening. Usually threats are their last attempt to try and intimidate you into sending them money.
They love you then need you
Scammers will tell you they have fallen in love with you within the first few messages or chats. They want to come be with you but all of a sudden, some crisis happens and they don't have the money, can't get to the money or for some other false reasons, you are the only person that can help them.
Chat with me
One of the first things a scammer will do is to try and get you away from the site to chat with them on instant messenger. Scammers try to work very fast in most cases and IM is much faster than conversating through emails and web site messages.
Read my profile
One of the biggest advantages scammers have is that many, many people do not read profiles. They get so taken by that "good looking" guy or girl who sent them a message, they immediately focus on communication without even looking at the profile.
I want to send you a surprise
NEVER give your personal information to anyone you meet on a social networking or dating site. These days, it is just too dangerous. If you are talking to anyone who does not understand this, that should be a big red flag. Even if they want to "send you something, a surprise". This is a very common tactic used by scammers to get your information.
I want you to do me a favor
Another thing that is very popular with scammers is that they will want to send you items like clothes, shoes, cell phones, lap top computers and many other items. They will then want you to repackage them and ship the items to them so they can resell them. Don't do it. The items are always purchased with stolen credit card information.

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