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Social Networking & Dating Sites
Since the late 1990's, social networking and dating sites have seen a great increase in popularity and are still growing more than ever. The downside to this is that online scammers have taken the opportunity to use these sites to target a much larger range of possible victims. These sites have given the scammers virtually the opportunity to be anyone they want in any location they choose. Anyone who has been in the online social or dating world for even a short time has probably seen that a large majority of both the free and paying social and dating sites are just flooded with scammers and the sites seem to do very little, if anything to keep the scammers off.
Our Primary Mission - Verifying scammer email addresses
Finding the real photo of the romance scammer is not what Pig Busters is all about. Pig Busters is not a policing or prosecuting agency, it is a scammer awareness site. Pig Busters priority is to verify and post the reported email addresses and pictures the scammers are currently using to contact others. If in the process of researching and verifying the scammer, Pig Busters comes across the scammers real picture it is added to the profile because knowing what the scammer looks like can help in the healing process if you've been scammed.
However, Pig Busters does not have the investigative manpower to find every scammers real picture. Besides using the picture to help you understand who really scammed you, there is nothing that you can do with it, except maybe confront the scammer, which we strongly do not recommend because they don't care. You may not be aware that all the work related to verifying and posting the romance scammer is done by volunteers who maintain full time jobs, so the priority must be focused on verifying and posting the information submitted to Pig Busters. You cannot have him arrested if he is in Africa, he will never be prosecuted or imprisoned for what he did or is doing, and you will never recover money you sent him. Scamming is not really considered a crime in Nigeria.
What is important is your assistance in gathering and verifying information in order to expedite reporting and getting the romance scammer posted to Pig Busters in order for the information to be picked up by the search engines as soon as possible. This will help tremendously to heighten scammer awareness for all the men and women world-wide who are searching for the same email address and ultimately, save many others from being scammed by heartless criminals.
Is a scammer and catfish the same thing?
No, not yet. Catfishing is not the same as scamming. Catfishing is a game played by mostly young people that start online relationships under false pretenses then try to maintain the relationship as long as possible. They are typically not out for money or to intentionally hurt someone although they can be just as hurtful as scammers.
Scammers are very different and can be very dangerous. Not physically but emotionally and financially. Their only goal is money and they will say or do whatever they can to get it and they don't care how much they hurt someone. Many scammers even enjoy the pain they cause and consider that part of scamming a game but still their main objective is money.
Important Note: Catfish is rapidly becoming the new term for scammer but don't let the name confuse you. Scammers (or catfish) still can be very, very hurtful both emotionally and financially. Their primary goal is still to get your money and they don't care what they have to do or say to get it. So regardless of what term is used, if someone tells you that you are dealing with a scammer or a catfish, get away from them as fast as you can.
Is this a Scam Baiting Site? No, it is a Scammer Awareness Site
Pig Busters is not a scam baiter web site, it is a Scammer Awareness site. Scam baiting is considered by many as a hobby intended to waste a scammer's time and annoy them but it's a hobby that can get you into serious trouble. Sending fake documents such as fake checks, money orders, airline itineraries, passports, etc. is considered a crime in many jurisdictions and we do not encourage or advise anyone to participate in scam baiting. Giving a scammer what you think may be a fake name, address, phone number or business name & location could be putting an innocent person in physical, legal or financial jeopardy. What you think is fake information today could be someone's real information tomorrow.
Our Mission
Pig Busters was officially started on July 4th, 2008. A day we like to call Independence Day From Scammers. Our Mission is to increase scammer awareness and warn as many people as we can. Since our beginning, we have accumulated 10's of 1000's of scammers and the list is growing every day.
The Scammer Information
We believe we have a very unique way of not only warning others about the scammers but also giving Members a way to "vent" their frustrations by sending what we call a Bust this Scammer. It's an anonymous email Members can send letting the scammer know they have been busted and including an optional message to the scammer.
A Free Service for the Internet Community
This site is a free service although some information is available to Members only so scammers cannot get access to it. Membership is free and we don't share your information with anyone for any reason. Please check out the information we have and if you think you may be talking to a scammer or things start to seem a little "fishy", you can search their email address in the search box above to see if we have them listed and if not, please
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and report them to us and we will check them out for you.
The pictures listed on this site serve two main purposes. The first is to show people the pictures the scammers are using as part of the scammer information provided. The second and maybe the most important are to show that the people in the pictures are not the actual scammers. A big concern with many law enforcement agencies is that someone who got scammed or their sister, mother, grandmother, etc. got scammed runs into the real person in the pictures used by the scammer and thinks they are the one who scammed them and decides to "pay them back". If you are unfortunate to have your pictures used by scammers, sites like this may be your only proof that you are not the person that scammed them.
If you do find your picture(s) listed here and would like them removed, please
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and we will remove them and also let you know where we find them being used by scammers.
Try not to get so wrapped up in a picture of someone that you ignore inconsistencies, flags and warning signs

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